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Lucy Zara video – Horny with sexy Kandi

Another fresh week and time for everyone to enjoy a fresh and new Lucy Zara video for today. In this scene the sexy blonde has asked yet again for help and she seems to have gotten it. Today she’s going to get it on with a nice and sexy woman named Kandi. And Kandi is quite the little slut. She sais that she always loves to show off how she pleases herself if there’s someone around. And that’s why Lucy absolutely loves her as they both seem to be very much turned on by these displays of self pleasing skills.

When the cameras start to roll for this hot porn scene, the two sexy women are already in bed, and before they get to do anything, they spend a little while to tease you with some dirty talking as they caress and tease one another’s sexy bodies. Eventually you do get to see as Lucy and her friend begin to masturbate as they watch one another. You could say that the two had a bit of a contest. Well either way, enjoy it and see you next week with more. Also check out the past updates as well. You won’t regret doing so. If you’re looking for similar videos, join the HotKinkyJo blog and watch an anal addicted slut getting her ass stuffed!

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Lucy Zara porn video – Taking a break

We told you that today we’d have a nice Lucy Zara porn video , and here it is. This is somewhat of a quick little update from the smoking hot blonde who is looking just like hot Bridgette B, another super hot internet model, as she was taking a short break. But no worries you still get to see her as she plays with her pussy in front of the cameras to please herself and acting all slutty and sexy. And without any more delays let’s see what she did for you.

You will get to see her as she plays with her pussy once more and you know her. She always knows how to tease you guys. Watch her massaging and playing with her boobs to set the mood a little better before she moves on to her pleasing session. Then you get to watch her as she fucks her wet cunt with a small dildo at once more for today. Enjoy it everyone!

Naughty Lucy stripping at the pool

Well here we are again guys. Today we have some more fresh and hot Lucy Zara nude pictures for you to see and we bet that they’ll be to your liking since she is looking just like gorgeous DiddyLicious. The sexy blonde porn star decided to go for a nice and hot outdoor photo shoot today as it was a very warm day. That and she also wanted to show off her sexy blue bikini by the poolside. She just adores that bikini and how well it fits on her superb body and she wants to tease you guys today while she wears it. Rest easy knowing that you will get your fair share of sexy images with this sexy lady today as she puts on her little sex show for you. And so let’s get right to it and watch her do her stuff.

As you know by now, this hot and sexy mature blonde really loves to show off her sizzling hot curves and she always likes to wear the sluttiest outfits as well. sit back and enjoy as she makes her entry wearing that shiny blue bikini as she parades and shows off her luscious curves. Then watch her as she takes her spot by the pool side and see her present you with her wonderful and round tits as she massages them. After that you get to see this foxy lady spread her legs to give you a better view of her horny and wet pussy as she also starts to finger fuck herself just for you. Enjoy it as always guys and make sure you don’t miss our next videos update!


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Lucy Zara hardcore strap-on lesbians

Well, another fresh week swung by and we bring you some more Lucy Zara hardcore scenes in this one. The sexy mature blonde Lucy has company yet again and it’s up to her to show her slutty friend a good time today as she shows her what true pleasure is while she fucks her hard style with her strap on dildo. Trust us when we say that you won’t want to miss this superb scene today no matter what. You’ll get to see some hard style girl on girl action going down and we bet that you’ll simply adore it.


The two little cock hungry women seem to be going at it right from the start, and you can tell that these two are very serious about it when you will see they slutty outfits. Dressed from head to toe in some sexy leather outfits, these two women mean serious business and they are all prepared for some hard fucking. LucyZara puts on her strap on dildo and her friend removes her panties so that Lucy can fuck her pussy. Watch as the brunette gets a thorough fucking from Lucy’s big strap on dildo and enjoy the hard style sex session everyone! Also you can join the site and watch an anal obsessed performer getting her ass stretched by big toys!

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Lucy the naughty mistress

Well, your favorite naughty and sexy blonde returns today with some more videos this time. We promised you that eventually you’ll get to see some more and today is the day. Again this busty beauty is joined by a good female friend of hers and the all female couple is going to be putting on such a good show today. For you see, this time you also get to see some nice and sexy bondage action that those two will put together just for your eyes only this fine day. So let’s get the show started properly already.

This incredible  porn scene starts off with Lucy as she starts to tie up her female friend to a chair. And once she’s all neatly tied up she can start doing what she wants to that body. So watch as miss Lucy teaches her tied up fuck buddy some nice lessons about true pleasure as she fondles her breasts and plays with her pussy. All the while the tied up lady moans in pleasure of the nice and hot treatment that she’s getting. Well we hope you liked it as always and we’ll see you next time with some more of her hot scenes! Until then, check out the Ceara Lynch website and watch another fetishist model in action!


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Lucy Zara fucked by a naughty lesbian

Another fresh week and time for you to see Lucy Zara fucked once more by one of her female friends. Today this smoking hot porn star with blonde hair got the help of another mature and sexy lady with long brunette hair. And you can bet that she’s just as hungry for sexual pleasures as Lucy is. So without further due, sit back and watch these two lesbians fuck one another today. You will be in for quite a treat.

lucy-zara-fucked-with-a-vibrator Just let us also add, that the brunette woman enjoys pleasing other ladies, and so Lucy would be in for the fuck session of her life as that beautiful and hot brunette who is looking just like slutty Jenna Presley would be fucking her tight cunt with a big dildo today. Enjoy seeing your resident sexy blonde fucked hard with toys at today and enjoy the view. We’ll be back next week like always everyone. If you wanna see other gorgeous lesbians making out, check out the blog!

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LucyZara – With her favorite toy

For today miss LucyZara has one superb and hot update to show off to you. In this update this smoking hot and sexy blonde brings you a superbly hot and sexy mega pack of her sexy pictures as this naughty blonde goes about pleasing her eager cunt once more just for you guys today. We’re going to tell you right now that you’ll regret it if you miss any one of her superb images in this update, so make sure that you see each and every image without fail. Not to mention that that would disappoint miss Lucy as well. So just sit back and let’s get this superb show started as we’ll watch these awesome  pics for this hot afternoon.

When the scene starts you can see that sexy Lusy is wearing a nice and sexy purple dress that’s just short enough to get your mind wondering just what she’s hiding underneath. As she starts to strip you see that she’s actually not hiding anything underneath as she didn’t have any underwear on herself. Well you get to see her take her seat on a black leather couch, and see her spreading her long and sexy legs to show off her sexy and wet pussy. Then you guys get to watch this blonde beauty as she starts to fuck herself with a big black dildo as hard as she can just for your enjoyment. So watch her please herself and return next time for some more of her porn scenes!


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Lucy Zara pussy pleasing

This fine and fresh week, your favorite blonde treats you to more Lucy Zara pussy pictures as she’s going to be showing it off to you once more today. The superbly hot MILF had some more treats for today, as she was wearing one hot outfit just to tease you and entice you. It’s composed from a corset bra, her thigh high stockings, her high heels and of course her black satin gloves. And with those she’d be showing off her superb body and self pleasing skills as she took her spot on a vintage black couch. Let’s get her show started then!


Like we said above, her scene starts off with her showing off her superb body to you. And LucyZara starts by spreading open her legs as she smokes her cigar leaving that impression of a mature woman that knows how she likes to be pleased. And as she massages her big breasts, she eventually makes her way down to her pussy that’s very eager to be pleased. So watch her rub her wet pussy as she masturbates just for the cameras and you today. We’re sure that you’ll like it and we’ll see you guys next week as usual! For similar pictures check out Elli Nude Pics. See you next time!

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Horny and naughty at the office

Hey there once more everyone. This fine week you get to see some hot and new Lucy Zara pics that we have for you. For the superb and sexy scene today, the smoking hot blonde is back with some more sexy scenes. This gorgeous babe enjoyed her little role play session allot last week, and today she wanted to continue it. But this time she’d be sitting in the bosses chair as she’d do her pleasing. She wants to show off how a busy female boss would spend her afternoon after a very stressful day, so let’s watch her.

As last time, the smoking hot LucyZara makes sure to lock the door and turn off the phones so that she wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone as she gets to please herself. Well her underlings have heard her fucking herself countless times, so when the door is locked they know she’s not to be disturbed. Again she brought along her big and metallic purple dildo, and she intends to use it allot for today. Watch her bending over as she treats you to a nice ire of her pussy and see her fuck her ass with that dildo today. Until next time!


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Lucy Zara stockings and sexy lingerie

Hey there guys, today we have a nice and hot Lucy Zara stockings scene to show to you. The smoking hot blonde wanted to do a little bit of role play for her photo shoot this time and so she ended up wearing a very sexy and hot outfit. She was going to take the role of a sexy and hot secretary and you’d get to see what this horny little woman likes to do when her services aren’t needed. As you can probably guess it involves her playing with her pink perfect pussy and big toys, just like she’ll demonstrate for this fine day.


When the cameras start rolling, the sexy and hot secretary Lucy starts off her show. She makes sure to lock the door to the office so as no one would disturb her. And after she does that she pulls out her trusty and favorite purple dildo already planning to have fun with it. So without further due, sit back and watch her climb on top of the desk while she removes her sexy panties as well. See her as she begins to fuck her cunt fast and hard at with that sex toy just for your viewing pleasure today.

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